N-400 Sections 1, 2, 3 asks introductory questions: name, date of birth, date of residence, country of birth, country of citizenship, parental citizenship, marital status, and accomodations. To listen to the stories, click: Listen, Itunes, RealMedia, WindowsMedia, Odeo, or download the audio file to a Mp3 player.

**Nice to meet you**
What are the kinds of questions you ask when meeting someone for the first time?
**Tell me about yourself**
What kinds of things would you write or talk about when introducing yourself to a pen friend (pen pal) for the first time?
**Where are you from?**
What are typical topics of conversation that come up when meeting someone for the first time?
**Haven't we met before?**
What are some common topics of conversation when you meet people for the first time?
A Baby Whose Name Is 185 Letters Long
A baby was given 25 middle names by her parents.
A baby is born on an airplane
Danielle was born onboard a Brussels Airlines flight between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Belgium.
**A lucky baby**
She was born on the seventh day of the seventh month of 2007.
**This is my son Superman**
A New Zealand baby may go through life with the name Superman.
LaRue Listening Quizzes
Multiple choice tests of answers to common questions in different accents.