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Family Relationships
Family relationships are an important part of our lives.
Madonna defends Malawi child adoption
Many commentators have accused Madonna of using the adoption as a publicity stunt and of using her wealth and fame to get her way
A Woman Gave Birth to Her Grandchildren
A Brazilian woman has given birth to (her own) twin grandchildren.
An Enormous Baby
A woman in Russia has given birth to a baby that weighs 7.75 kilograms.
A Second Set of Triplets
The chances of a woman giving birth to two sets of triplets are more than one in 64 million.
A Man Wants to Father 100 Children
A United Arab Emirates man is hoping to be the father of 100 children by the year 2015.

ESL Podcast 261 – Describing People’s Personalities
Joann: Oh, are those pictures of your kids?
Artem: Yes. These are my 2 daughters and these are my 2 sons.
Joann: Your sons look so alike. Are they similar in personality, too?
Divided-at-birth twins marry each other
A twin brother and sister who were separated at birth and later married each other without knowing they were siblings have had their marriage ended.