N-400 Sections 4 and 6 asks questions about current and previous addresses. To listen to the stories, click: Listen, Itunes, RealMedia, WindowsMedia, Odeo, or download the audio file to a Mp3 player.
ESL Podcast 246--Understanding Addresses
I was away from my office and needed to send some letters to clients.
Renting an apartment or taking out a home mortgage loan to buy a house are major decisions in one's life, but learning about this topic can improve your communication skills.
Renting Aparments
Renting an apartment is a common part of living on your own, but finding the right place within your budget can be a challenge.
Renting Apartments: Finding a Great Place to Live
  1. How can people find apartments for rent in your area?
  2. What costs are associated with renting an apartment?
  3. What should you be aware of before signing a rental lease?
ESL Podcast 175 - Places to Live
Finding a new place to live isn’t always easy.